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Pat’s Colonial Kitchen is located in Newtown, PA. Open for breakfast and lunch, Pat’s is one of the places I had bookmarked on my Yelp app. My mom and I arrived on State Street and parked underneath a white, barn-like roof. We opened the door to Pat’s, and saw that it was a small, crowded restaurant. I put my name on the waiting list (which would be about 25 minutes) and, seeing that it was too crowded to wait inside, my mom and I headed next door to a candy shop. After my mom bought her favorite fruit slices, we walked across the street to a clothing boutique, and then visited a vintage-style clothing, jewelry, and antique shop. After nearly 25 minutes, we headed back to Pat’s. Upon entering the restaurant, in a purple room where about six adults can comfortably stand, one can find Missy’s Market. missys marketThe small space is decorated with three shelves each topped with antique-style ornaments, or “treasures,” that are for sale. Similar items, in addition to some decorative chickens, an owl, and plants sit on shelves around the wooden tables inside Pat’s. One saying on a wall says, “Surround yourself with the things you love,” and it looks like that’s exactly what the owner did. More positive quotes written on chalkboards cover the lilac walls: “Just be Nice,” (a saying my mom uses a lot), “There is no greater wisdom than kindness,” and Ricky Gervais’ “You should bring something into front quotesthe world that wasn’t in the world before.—You should do something, then sit back and say, ‘I did that.’” Two large chalkboards, one in each room, also listed roughly 12 tea flavors and three hot chocolates—hazelnut, mint, and French vanilla. We were seated away from the door, beside a wall and away from all the traffic. I ordered blueberry-flavored tea, which came steeping in a personal tea pot. Brunch included caramel banana-walnut French toast, strawberry almond pancakes, and the sharing of a fruit, yogurt, and granola parfait. The meal was rather pricey, but the feeling which Pat’s gives off makes it a restaurant worth returning to.