“You’re failed only when something or someone walks away from you. A goal can fail you. A friend or a lover can fail you. Thankfully, you are always beside yourself. And that, my friend, that will never fail you.”
“What’s up with the whole “better myself” and making things better with others before the new year. The bullshit never ends. The world is still cruel. People are still selfish.”
“There should be a holiday that celebrates unity. A holiday that isn’t defined by our religion, or our color. A holiday that doesn’t have one central character or color scheme. A holiday that simply shows people that, we’re all human. No matter who’s standing next to you, whether you’re black and he’s white, you’re Jewish, he’s Muslim, that stranger is just a person you haven’t met. A human. Like you. Because if every human on earth grabbed the hand next to them, we’d be one. A holiday to celebrate unity. That’s my wish this year.”
“Glass sparkling in your hand, eyes gazing amongst the crowd. Take a swig before asking why. Wondering if she’ll come by.”
“There’s a girl on the train, outbound of Philadelphia. Her eyes drawn to the beam of sunlight walking on the steal tracks down below. She’s suddenly distracted by a reflection in the window. It’s a girl, smiling.”
“I don’t know why it hurt so much, some might say it shouldn’t have. I guess that’s the beauty in each of us. No one gets another one, sometimes not even we get ourselves.”
“Life is the easy part. Living, it’s a whole other story. Unfortunately, it can’t always be a steady, high ride. So breathe at the climaxes, take a breath at the falls, and if you can’t find reason to do this for yourself, find something/someone else to do it for.”
“Maybe we’re not supposed to appreciate what we have, but take advantage of it instead.”
Why do we say “it’s nice to meet you” when meeting someone for the first time? What if knowing them sucks and we wish we’d never met them?
“boy, im just trying to have a good time, so if that means alcohol and/or a fine herb and laughter and simplicity in anything that seems wrong, so be it.”
“It’s not that you can’t do it, but rather you can’t do it because it’s not what you want to do. Because you can’t help what you feel, and you like what you feel, but it’s not a good feeling.”
“Accomplishment is beauty. Acceptance is beauty. Will power is beauty. Self support is beauty. Athleticism is beauty. Humor is beauty. Inner peace is beauty. To sing and dance knowing you suck is beauty. Expression is beauty. I am beauty.”
“Before you judge someone, stop and think. That you dont know where they’ve been, where they’re at, or where they’ll be tomorrow.”
“Quiet but seemingly cool. She looks like she has a secret, and no one knows.”
“wow crazy blasts to the past and how crazy they can be. in reminding us of where we once were, we can either smile or frown upon. either way, no regrets. for where we’re at right now, is where we’re meant to be. to get to our own best place.”
“Don’t settle for someone who can occupy your time. Wait for the person who can make time fly by, while slowing your life all at the same time.”
“I don’t see what the hype is with religion. Whether you pray on Friday night or you pray on Sunday morning. And how about color? What’s with that bullshit. Whether you got too much sunlight or none at all. And age? We’re all numbers. And as far as I’m concerned, were not made by what we see, but rather by the person people were to see if they looked inside of us.”
“Wow. Just witnessed one of the saddest things. On the train looking out the window. I see an elderly man strolling the sidewalk. He stops to pick a coin off the ground. I thought he may have just gotten lucky. Until I saw him continue on. Into the parking lot. He walks around a car. I was confused. Then I watched him pick up an old pair of shorts lying on the ground. Then I saw him reaching in the pockets. {that’s someones life. be thankful of yours.}”
“She traces the sky, looking for where she belongs. Oftentimes I wonder, what I’m doing with this time.”
“We reflect on all the people once apart of our lives. Those we just lost touch of. And those we broke apart from. Because at one point, we didn’t want to forget them, and at one point, they made us happy. But then times changed, and people, and then we didn’t want to remember them, because they no longer made us happy.”
“Isn’t it funny how, when we were kids, things just weren’t fair. Like not being able to go to a friends house because we couldn’t drive. Or not being able to see a movie, because it was rated R. So we cried angry tears to our parents and stomped on the ground. Now were adults. And things still aren’t fair. Like love, friendships, and failure. But those angry tears are now sad ones. And our heart is what’s getting stomped on. Let yourself be the kid inside of you. The carefree one.”
“When you know who you are, that you’re a good person, and when you can tell yourself that you dont deserve that, call it growth, and self respect.”
“Sometimes we just need to go without thinking. Take some time for ourselves, spend too much money, and call it a day knowing it wasn’t wasted.”
“She hears but no voices, she sees nothing short of memories, she smells but no beauty, she feels the alone, and then the music masks her.”
“Oftentimes, we get too excited thinking about and planning the future, that we skip over the simplest things forgetting to take life one step at a time.”
“Times they are a changin’ and people we once knew we know no longer, and when we’re reminded, we should not be down, for I believe we all have a track, set for us from the very start.”
“The days swiftly pass, a cold darkness blankets the warm winds, our smiles go into hibernation, and we’re not the same people.”
“I can’t say true love exists. For how can it be true when we don’t know its definition?”