Where are you and what are you doing? (cannot involve music)


in a jungle with elephants

monkeys banging on drums

watching people dance around a campfire

people on their knees howling to the skies


at a carnival

many things going on

ferris wheel falling


standing on an ocean

sky opening up

flocks of birds above

fish, dolphins, sharks attacking eachother


running up a mountain

I’m falling down mountain but wind

is blowing me upward


in a mall on Black Friday


people running into stores and running into eachother


in my bedroom

alone and lost trying to fall asleep

but can’t, too much noise from traffic


city lights and many cars

driving, many car accidents



elephants running down I-95

monkeys jumping on cars


in a classroom trying to take a test

many people cheating off eachother

I’m alone and watching

very angry

pissed off

pulling my hair out

holding my ears

trying to get it to stop

animals dying

watching people dance on a

dancefloor in middle of



make it stop