So, I’m sitting underneath a blanket here on the couch, with snow falling outside. Lately, I’ve struggled with trying to figure out life and career stuff. I got a job, but I haven’t started yet. That feels good, but I still haven’t felt a sense of fulfillment. What am I doing with life? What am I doing with this life? With my life? This is life, and we only get one life. What am I doing now? Besides going to work, working out, eating, talking to friends and family members, what am I doing, like actually doing with my one and only life? Why was I put here? When I think of this question, I begin to think of my family. I was put here to feel love for and to love my family. But what am I doing to fulfill my life, and my goals, and my purpose? I’m not sure if any of my writing makes sense, but I do know that I am just writing. Letting words flow like snow. When I think of what I enjoy in life, I think of [besides family and friends] eating food, cooking food, baking desserts, and decorating cakes. I just haven’t figured out what exactly to do with all of this. Sure I’ve started this blog, even though it’s not so organized just yet. I guess starting is where I’m supposed to begin, and until then