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I’m so tired of all these MSN Lifestyle posts that tell me, “Eat this for a better you,” or “Don’t eat that yogurt because it’s high in sugar,” but then the article right below that reads, “Yogurt is great for your gut!” Or those workout guides–they guide me which is fantastic, but will this workout work for everyone, really? I think it’s just my mind telling me to ignore all of it, even though I am the one who’s visiting the MSN Lifestyle page for advice and wisdom for shutting down these, “I feel fat” thoughts. I try to ignore them all, I’ve been trying to shut them down and eat as I please, even though I always watch what I eat. Like I won’t chomp down on icecream (because let’s face it, icecream doesn’t need to be chomped on), but when I do eat icecream, I’ll eat a couple spoons. Then of course there are some times when I just go loco and go back for more, even while telling myself, I’m gonna regret this. Anyway, I guess I would feel so much better if I went to the gym as much as I used to,  because I certainly have not. There are no buts to this really.