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Twisted Tail is a Society Hill restaurant I tried during a Restaurant Week. I drove Chris, and we found parking right across the street from the empty restaurant. Thankfully, I didn’t have to parallel park. Once inside, we were given a special, limited menu and seated at a four-person, round, wooden table in a dimly lit space behind the bar. We chose each of four courses we were to be served, from the appetizer all the way to dessert, all at once. Instead of bread (or pickles), we were given a container of popcorn. Before the appetizer came out, I of course had to use the bathroom. The bathroom made me think, Wow, this is one of the coolest bathrooms I’ve ever been into. The head of a ram made up the door handle. I’m wondering if there’s any connection to The Twisted Tail. I got back to the table, and two servers brought out our appetizer. Chris and I both had craw fish baked man n’ cheese sprinkled generously with breadcrumbs. We also shared two large, grilled shrimp, and a small order of quail (something I’d never eaten before). For my main course, I had swordfish over a bed of snap peas and topped with a flower-like garnish, which I bit into twice of course; Chris had a medium rare hanger steak which he did not finish. Dessert was black and white panna cotta topped with tiny chocolate balls. I finished all but one bite of the eggless, custardy dessert. Chris’s one bite taught him that he is not a fan of panna cotta. We split the $61 bill and headed home, and it’s safe to say that I probably wouldn’t do Restaurant Week again. Dinner with Chris though, yes of course.