Jake’s Eatery is a popular breakfast spot in Richboro, but there’s also a location in Newtown. Yesterday for dinner, I was craving a burger with a big, nice bun, and Jake’s has flavorful dinner options that come in big portions. I took a look at the menu, saw their burger section, and began looking under Seafood. What’re you doing, Nat? You always eat seafood and healthy stuff. “I’ll take a med well burger,” I told my cousin Matt, also the server. With Swiss cheese, roasted peppers, and mushrooms. I took a look under the Sides section, and was sold when I saw sweet potato fries. “Let me get the sweet potato fries too. I don’t care about the up charge.” I was ready for this burger. The bun could’ve been better. A potato roll would’ve made it so much better. I realized here that a bun makes the burger. This bun didn’t make it. It was more like an almost cheap, non-toasted bun for BBQ outings, with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. At least the bun didn’t crumble.