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Hatboro Dish is simple and modern-looking, with plenty of space between its wooden tables. I was very pleased to see a wide variety of interesting breakfast and lunch options, with creative titles to fit each item. My mom pointed out the Elvis Wrap, which was a banana with bacon, peanut butter, and drizzled honey wrapped in a flour tortilla. Although right up my alley, I decided to go with a garden skillet filled with sweet potatoes, kale, parsnips, carrots, onions, and peppers, topped with two yolky, poached eggs. I’ve never had a skillet before, let alone vegetables at nine in the morning, but it was delicious, and I felt so healthy that I got my veggies early in the day. I would definitely order it again, needless to say visit Hatboro Dish again.

I did end up returning to Hatboro Dish. I ordered the Elvis Wrap, which is a breakfast dish that I typically prepare at my own house, but without the bacon. At the Dish, I ordered turkey bacon in place of regular bacon, since I don’t eat regular bacon. For $7.99, I questioned the size of the meal and if it’d be worth the price. It was. The portion was large enough to last me two more days, since I’m a light eater.