I like working out. It makes me feel good when I’m finished doing it. But lately, I’ve been working out in my room, and then I stop, with thoughts of “There are more important things in life than this.” That’s what happened to me just now. Well before writing this post. I stopped mid workout. About 10, maybe 12 burpees, and like 10 situps later. I just started, and then I stopped. During the day, thoughts of my weight flood my mind. I’m constantly thinking about what I’ve eaten that day, and what I am going to eat, and how many calories I’ve consumed, and then I think, I feel fat. Sometimes I lift my shirt to reveal the fatness. The thing is, I know I’m of average weight for my height. Apparently feeling fat is just a replication of your inner emotions. But I know I’m working toward becoming a better me. A better version of who I was in the past. Yesterday, I watched a little of Dr. Phil with my mom. One episode was about a 20-year-old girl who loved the party life. At 18, she totaled her car. I couldn’t help but to be disgusted while watching the episode, but I couldn’t help also to think of myself. I felt I was once like that. I was once like that. Just gross. Gross. I couldn’t help also to think, what has happened to me. But I know God saved me. Again, I’m just trying to better myself.


Working out is one thing that makes me feel not so fat. But again, there are more important things in life than just working out.