Summer whistles from this tree

Summer whistling from all around

Cloudless, blue skies give but zero shadows

upon my backyard

And yellow dandelions poking up

from this green, green grass

Summer whistles to the children

Playing tag around the wooden swing set

And summer whistles to the cool,

blue swimming pool

Making dull waves toward the deep end

Summer whistles

to my momma’s morning coffee

And summer whistles

to her freshly cut red hair.

I took her to the park two days ago

I didn’t know she hikes

But we did,

and we took in a waterfall from up above

Our eyes saw Summer, and our skin felt its whistles

The still trampoline does not feel

Summer’s whistles

Nor the bounce-less basketball lying beside it

My dad mows the lawn

every other day

He’d like to feel summer’s whistles

The bonfire pit

It has not been used

and it does not hear summer’s whistles either

But summer is whistling

from these trees

And summer, soon,

will whistle.