In the big apple you’re either really rich or very poor. There’s no in between.

People hiding in subways to keep warm

Sleeping underground with cargo shorts over their pants cuz’ they don’t care.

Struggling to find their means while they’re struggling to fill their push carts.

Wealthy people staring down like

they wanna help


Somehow I wonder

How the people with no homes

Don’t wanna just quit

Quit in the midst of reaching for a penny

That fell out of the man’s hand who’s wearing Versace.

On his way home from work

Lucky his wife packed him a lunch

She’s cooking a hot dinner now

On their 6-burner stove

These people hiding in their bedrooms

Hiding in bathrooms reading their iPads

Sleeping between silk sheets with their

Golden Retriever starin’ up

Struggling to decide

where to put the money

The American Dream

People on the streets dreaming bout’ a blanket.