Kids running beneath white pillows

Wishy flowers waving to them

A blond-haired little boy with his arms outstretched

Chasing a tiny, purple dragonfly

Three 7-year-old girls

Playing I-Spy in the sky

And a father with his adopted boy

Distracted by rumbling beyond the clouds

A white butterfly

Playing tag with a St. Bernard

And I watch

From my green lawn chair

I hear the icecream man

Everyone knows the sound

I admire a songbird

And that tiny, purple dragonfly

Dancing for snowcones

Not much out here

But open field

A badminton net

A brown, withered bench

Tall grass

And beautiful creatures

Enough to make me realize

The icecream man is gone

And so are

All the people

A sprinting, brown figure calls on my peripherals

Heart hammering

Arms trembling

A buck

Staring me down