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Don’t eat meat. Oh wait, only eat red meat, it’s healthy. And make sure to eat a lot of eggs, those are so healthy! Nevermind. Egg yolks are bad for your cholesterol.  Don’t drink, but drinking one glass of red wine daily is okay. Drink lots of water too, but not too much, for drinking too much water can kill you!

I’m so tired of hearing these words. I’m a writer, not a nutritionist. Of course, I watch what I eat, as I’m sure a lot of other people my age do, actually I’m positive of that. Just look at your Facebook newsfeed right now. I guarantee you, at least five posts will shout “On my way to the gym.”

Being the person I am, I like looking for news. My go to websites include MSN and 6abc. So this evening, right before my Multimedia Storytelling class started, I typed  “msn.com” into the address box of the almost blinding Mac computer, and blinded I was by the “news” on the screen.

One of the feature videos titled, “Can Drinking Too Much Water Kill You?” made my eyes pop but certainly didn’t open my eyes. The video provides that “chugging four liters of water over 2 hours” can be dangerous. This causes brain cells to swell up and burst, “which can lead to seizures or worse” (MSN).

Maybe someone else has never heard this news before, but I know I have. Maybe after this, we can just rely on word-of-mouth at the gym for all our nutritional facts.

MSN Video