March 1st, 2013

Where do I start?
You’re leaving the one place
I hold near to my heart
I began my work at Ann’s Choice
December 2008
Not knowing that this job would
Become something more than great
I could talk about the residents
Or my coworkers instead
 I can even mention the food
We have white, wheat or rye bread



But this poem is for you
Because so much you mean to me
Some humor I’ll try to instill
Don’t want to send you on a crying spree



As far as pains go
We all know I had many
From back pains to migraines
You were always there for me



Bringing me ice
That one time I was stuck in a chair
You even offered me a walker
Those back pains we share
Excedrin Migraine is discontinued
So that I cannot replace
All I can give you now is
A smile across your face
I can’t believe you’re leaving
I’m definitely not ready for this
I should just put in my two weeks
Because you are too much to miss



Now that you’re retiring
You’ll have more time for your dreams
Go to cooking school, Diane
It is as easy as it seems



I guess I should wrap this up
The words I’m still looking for
To wish a manager and friend the best
You know you had killer dance moves on the Gala floor?
Diane, no words can put substance
Into my thankfulness for you
Just remember it is never goodbye
A “see you soon” is much more true
On your retirement, Diane
I wish you all the best
Signature’s will not be the same
To have known you, I’m truly blessed