When did I start as a reader? Simple. From the moment I was born, right? Aren’t we all readers from the start? Obviously at this time, we are not readers of words but rather readers of people and of our surroundings. Whether or not we are all good readers from the start, well, I do not think that is possible. Unless by good you mean, based on our own definition of how good is good and what good is. I guess now I should steer away from comical philosophy and get a little more serious. Honestly, I do not think I ever really started as a reader. “Why?” you may ask. A person might be able to throw a baseball, but that does make him/her a baseball player. To me, a reader is just like an athlete, or a pianist, or a crocodile wrangler. A reader has a passion for reading, and he/she knows how to do it right.


What do I enjoy reading? Easy. My own pieces of work, with the exception of this piece of work that is already sounding like a piece of work in itself. Actually, I will probably love reading this piece when it is complete. I cannot help it. I had freedom on this piece of work, so I really wanted to let go and depict my funny, creative side. OK, in all seriousness, I enjoy reading the news, I mean, what is in the news. No, seriously. Every day. Now, you probably will not see me holding a newspaper in front of my face; the size of the paper and the time it takes to unfold and flip and refold and turn over. No thanks. However, if you checked the bookmarked websites on my family’s Gateway computer, VX900, whatever that means, you would find abc.com and cnn.com on there. Oh yeah, you can check my newly purchased iPhone, too. The news. I have an app for that. I enjoy reading the news because I believe that it is important for everyone to know what is going on in the world. After all, it is ours. Right?


Is reading a chore or an exercise in freedom? Piece of cake. Speaking of cake, my favorite is Carvel. Sorry. Off-track. For me personally, reading is a chore if it has any correspondence to my education. I know, that is probably a little harsh, but I am an honest, outspoken person. If reading “The Daodejing of Laozi” was an exercise in freedom, I would probably have already memorized it. Right now, I am going to partake in an exercise of freedom, and I am going to read what I have just written.