Some Love on Your Birthday


So I wrote a poem last year

I guess I’ll write another one

So listen up my dear

You’ll like this more than wonton


You’re getting so old

Sweet cousin of mine

Soon your boobs will sag

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine


OK, no more jokes

Time for the real deal

So get ready folks

The love I must reveal


Ember, you’re eighteen

A special age indeed

Today you are the queen

So for you, I will proceed


The road will not be straight

Twists and turns no doubt

Don’t worry, just wait

You’ll make it on this route


Now some advice

From friend to friend

Let me be concise

To give this rhyme an end


With this age

Comes numerous responsibilities

Step up to the plate

There’ll be endless possibilities


In the department of boys

You’re going to meet many

But our hearts are not toys

Don’t fall for a Billy, Bob, or Benny



In the area of school

Well you’re almost done

Wipe away that drool

Reality has begun


As far as jobs go

Find one you like

One with a glow

If not, take a hike


No matter what hits

Don’t get held down

Don’t call it quits

You’ll look like a clown


Always stay on the move

Don’t turn your head

It’s your time to prove

What was left unsaid


That you’re a strong girl

Independent and free

Go on, give it a whirl

You’re eighteen, open to be


Throw your arms in the air

It’s going to be a wild ride

Don’t be in despair

The fun is on your side


Ember, do not hold back

To ask me for help

To get you back on track

Don’t want to hear you yelp


On a heartfelt note

Let me end this rhyme

Happy 18th Birthday, Ember

I love you till the end of time