Kid #1 (male):                        Mom! Pack my lunch!

Kid #2 (female):                     Mom! Drive me to the busstop!

Husband:                               Hun! What’s for dinner!?

Mom:                                     Phew. When will I get a break?

Conscious:                              Break? Did you say break?

Mom:                                     Whoa. Who are you?

Conscious:                              I’m who you want to be, Judy

Mom:                                     What do you mean?

SFX: birds chirping

Conscious:                              Did you hear that?

Mom:                                      Yes.

Conscious:                              That was the sound of serenity, Judy. I know that’s what you’ve always wanted.

Mom:                                      Sure, I’ve always wanted that. But how can I achieve that while being productive at the same time?

Conscious:                              Judy, you don’t have to watch serenity through your kitchen window. You need to take time out for yourself.

Mom:                                      Okay, tell me what to do.

SFX: trotting steps

Announcer:                            Planet Fitness, just steps away to a healthier, more relaxed you. Tone the arms that put the food on your kitchen table, while escaping the daily hustle and bustle at the same time. Planet Fitness: Get fit, and make your world go ‘round.