A computer at which

Will produce this poem


First drafted

By a Nature’s Wonder pen

On an 8×10 paper


In this I’ll discuss

Some ingenious inventions

Such as the zipper or

The remote control clicker


The flimsy straw

Allows for easier drinking

The bendy ones are even better

No leaning forward is needed


Can’t forget the plastic spork

A 2-in-1, a spoon and a fork


Next would be

The zipper

Pull it up if you’re cold

Don’t leave your fly down


And that remote control clicker

It’s made us all lazier

A couch potato’s best friend

Don’t hide it from your dad or brother


As for a woman’s best friend

Never not the purse

Contains her life and a sign



Leather gloves for your hands

A wool scarf for your neck

To keep you warm

In the wintry weather nights


A camera to catch the memories

A lens won’t leave any out

A frame to remember them

And to hang them on your wall